At The Tiny Scientist, summer days are spent having fun and learning about the world around us – or what lies beyond! Scientists will explore, question, design, construct, discuss, analyze and, best of all, have an amazing time doing it. Located just a few blocks from Prospect Park in Windsor Terrace, The Tiny Scientist offers  exciting programs for the scientist looking to have some scientific summer FUN!


  • Ages 5- 10

  • 575$/week

  • 8:40 - 3pm, Early drop off available at 8 am

  • Extended day available until 6 pm at 10$/hour

  • 10% Sibling Discount

Week 1: Jun. 27th - 29th Jurassic Journal (3 Day Option) - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

In this week’s summer session, we will be exploring arguably the most fun topic in science: DINOSAURS! We’ll learn to date dinosaur fossils just like paleontologists, go on a deep, dark Dinosaur Hunt, and collect cool fossil facts in our own “Jurassic Journal”!  Dive deep into the lives of huge creatures that once roamed the Earth and Sea on a journey 65 million years in the making!  

Week 2: Jul. 2nd - 6th Honey I Shrunk the Universe! A Microscopic Adventure (3-5 Day Option) - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Come to The Tiny Scientist as we venture into the world of the infinitesimally small! Wave hello to an atom and eat a healthy lunch with a plant cell. We’ll make hilarious atom “hats” that balance on our heads, explore the wacky orbital paths of electrons and make our own edible plant and animal cells! Use tasty treats to decode the mysteries of the human genome, take a look at micro-pics and try to figure out which one is your sneaker! You won’t want to miss a microsecond of this huge adventure!

Week 3: Jul. 9th - 13th BING BANG BOOM Chemical Reaction Labs! - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

This is one summer session that lives up to its name! We’re going to make pumpkins explode, shoot off model rockets, and ignite a monster foam reaction that hits the ceiling. Learn all about acids, we’ll cover our bases and discover the charisma of catalysts! Grab a spot in this EXPLOSIVE week of fun!

Week 4: Jul. 16th - 20th I Like to MOVE it MOVE it! - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Bring your running shorts and sneakers because The Tiny Scientist is doing a 50-yard dash to the Sports Science Lab! We will understand how the science of physics and fun of sports interact! We’ll explore Newton’s Three Laws of Motion using soccer balls, hula hoop to learn about centrifugal forces, experiment with potential and kinetic energy using full size catapult launchers and more! Science has never been so sporty!

Week 5: Jul. 23rd - 27th Sedimentary, My Dear Watson: A Geological Journey Through Time - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Put on your hard hats because this journey is going to be a rocking exploration into the wonderful world of archaeology and geology! Join the Tiny Scientist team on the adventure of a lifetime to the center of our planet. We’ll don headlamps to participate in a mock cave dive, create erupting volcanoes that destroy everything in their paths, and encase fantastic fossils in sedimentary rocks to take home!

Week 6: Jul. 30th - Aug. 3rd  Gross but Great! - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Why is mold mysterious? Why are farts fascinating? Zombie brains, bones that bend and fizzy soda that makes you burp like a champ are just a few of the fantastic, funky experiments we'll make in this summer session. We'll explore the benefits of boogers, make gummy bugs you can eat and learn about the science of stink! Come laugh your head off in this gross, but great summer session week.

Week 7: Aug. 6th - 10th Physics Phactory of PHUN! - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Have you ever wondered why you scoot faster downhill or how electricity flows through wires? Energy and motion are part of our everyday experience and understanding them can help us have more science fun! Let’s perform race car stunts, build balloon powered hovercrafts and try our luck at tearing phone books apart! We’ll explore the science of balance and try our hand at juggling,  create wheels that change direction without a push and see how many egg survivors there are in our egg drop challenge… Grab a seat today - spaces are going PHasssstttt!

Week 8: Aug. 13th - 17th  Science of Art - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

If you are a scientist with an artistic streak, then this program is for you! We'll make super cool paint sets by measuring and mixing natural ingredients, create chalk from scratch, and learn how the human eye perceives color as we take a trip through the rainbow. We’ll experiment with capillary action, explore exploding paintings and make our own attractive magnetic portraits! Strap on your smock and protective goggles, it might get messy!   

Week 9: Aug. 20th - 24th  Solar Science: Fun in the Sun - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Scientists in this spectacular solar science camp (say THAT three times fast..) learn all about what happens to electrons on the sun by working with electrifying plasma globes, harness the sun’s energy using solar panels and make 10 foot solar tubes fly through the air. We’ll study ultraviolet light, make amazing solar art, learn all about constellations and see how well sunscreen really works.  We’ll make the most of our summer sun this year for sure!

Week 10: Aug. 27th - 31st TiSci Super Sleuths - FULL or PS 282 spots still available!

Scientists in this class become crime fighting super sleuths, just like Sherlock Holmes! Make chalk and then use it to trace clues and preserve a crime scene. Use tools like forensic scientists to search for clues and collect evidence, and then take it back to the lab to study. We’ll learn about blood typing, collect and identify strange fibers and uncover clues hidden in secret messages. Put it all in your special take-home Tiny Scientist sleuth kit! BEWARE: at the end of the week you might need to use what you learned to solve a real crime!