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Julie G: Founder/Main Brain : After almost a decade of teaching science in NYC schools, Julie realized that she needed more creative freedom to help children appreciate the world around them - and the space to make MUCH bigger messes! Julie has daydreams of being called up for the next NASA mission and works on a Horticulture Certification at the BBG when she finds time. A Brooklyn native and mother of two young scientists, Julie G. is a licensed, state certified teacher with a B.S in Biology, a B.A. in Education and an MA in Math and Science Elementary Education.  Julie has current infant, child and adult CPR, AED & First Aid certification.


Rick Franchella/Site Manager and Head Scientist: Rick loves to sing and can often be heard miles from any classroom where he is working. After years of dedicated instruction in the classroom, we have stolen Rick away to pursue his passion: creating meaningful experiences for children while having as much fun as possible! He is immensely excited to lead the Tiny Scientist team and to establish a future generation of lifelong science lovers. Rick is a licensed, state certified elementary school teacher with an MA in The Art of Teaching. One of the highlights of his teaching career was working on Earth Science with students in Connecticut. Rick has current infant, child and adult CPR, AED & First Aid certification.


Stephanie Dunn/After School Coordinator and Head Scientist: Stephanie discovered her love of science in college, when instead of teaching from a textbook, her professors guided scientific discovery through hands-on experience. Following this model, Stephanie set out to start her career as a science educator in a New York City elementary school. After several years of teaching in the classroom, Stephanie has joined the Tiny Scientist to spread science knowledge and excitement to a wider audience of young Brooklynites. Now, she uses her enthusiasm for the scientific process of inquiry and discovery to present complex scientific concepts in exciting, meaningful, and approachable ways to the youngest, most curious minds. In her time off, she can be found tending to her many houseplants and trying to find the perfect slime. Stephanie has earned a BA in Biology and Photography as well as a Masters in Elementary Education and Special Education. Stephanie has current infant, child, and adult CPR certification.


Brainy Bill/Party and Events Coordinator and Head Scientist: Brainy Bill is part scientist, part entertainer, and all about fun! He brings a lifelong passion for making people laugh and learn to every class, party, and assembly he hosts. He's performed science demonstrations all over NYC including the USS Intrepid, the New York Botanical Gardens, and the World Science Festival's City of Science. When he's not teaching or performing, you can usually find him tinkering in the lab with glowing pickles or explosive foaming reactions. With a BA in Physics, Psychology, and Music, he can make any topic approachable and amaze a crowd of any size. If you are looking for someone to put together an awesome party or assembly, Brainy Bill is your laboratory party animal! He is certified in infant, child, and adult CPR.


Bianca Cruz/Lab Administrator:  If you've ever called the Tiny Scientist chances are you have spoken to Bianca. She maintains laboratory order and is instrumental in helping parents to find the right science class for their kids. Bianca loves interacting with our pet Madagascar Hissing cockroaches who have found a way to her heart. Her passion for children has progressed working at The Tiny Scientist and she aspires to one day become a Head Scientist. She has a BA in Sociology with a minor in Secondary Education. Bianca is CPR certified for children and adults. 


Mr. Big's and his family are known as Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. In the wild they tend to live in the forest and other moist tropical regions. Living with us at The Tiny Scientist you will see them huddled seeking heat and dark places on these cold winter months. Males are distinguishable from females due to the large bumps, or 'horns' behind their head. They also have fuzzy antennae and spiky legs. The majority of their diet consists of rotting fruit, cat food, and meat. 

Pet peeves: Exoskeleton falling off in odd places and that one kid that always taps the glass.