At The Tiny Scientist, summer days are spent having fun and learning about the world around us – or what lies beyond! Scientists will explore, question, design, construct, discuss, analyze and, best of all, have an amazing time doing it. Located just a few blocks from Prospect Park in Windsor Terrace, The Tiny Scientist offers exciting programs for the scientist looking to have some scientific summer FUN!

Ages 5- 10, $140/Day, $600/week, 9am - 3pm, Early drop off available at 8 am ($10/day). Extended day from 3-6 pm ($30/day in advance, $40 day-of). 10% Sibling Discount at checkout.

South Slope location: 1624 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Prospect Heights location: 69 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Week #1, 6/27 & 6/28: SEDIMENTARY, MY DEAR WATSON

Have you ever wanted to watch a rock turn to lava before your very eyes? Do you ever wonder about the age of that cool stone you found on the beach? In this geological journey, we’ll take a trip through the rock cycle, watching as our model rocks melt and morph before our very eyes! We’ll create erupting volcanoes that destroy everything in their paths, and encase our very own fantastic fossils in sedimentary rocks! It’s going to be a rockin’ good time. Join us! ($140/day)

Week #2, 7/1-7/5: GROSS, BUT GREAT (3 or 4 Day Option.)

Why is mold mysterious? Why are farts fascinating? Zombie brains, boogers that stretch, and fizzy soda that makes you burp like a champ are just a few of the fantastic, funky experiments we'll make in this summer session. We'll explore the benefits of snot, make candy bugs you can eat, and learn about the science of stink! Come laugh your head off in this gross, but great summer session week. ($140/day, $600/week - 3, 4, and 5 day options).

Please Note: there is no program on the 4th of July.


Scientists will blast off on an intergalactic excursion in this amazing summer program! We’ll study solar energy by flying huge solar tubes outside. We’ll build machines that harness solar power and take them out for a race. We’ll make models planets, design solar system mobiles, and use these stellar creations to decorate our own mini planetarium by the end of the week. Hurry up and grab a seat, this summer program is gonna be outta this world!

Week #4, 7/15-7/19: I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT!

Bring your running shorts and sneakers because The Tiny Scientist is doing a 50-yard dash to the Sports Science Lab! By the end of the week, we’ll understand how the science of physics and fun of sports interact! We’ll explore Newton’s Laws of Motion using soccer balls, hula hoop to demonstrate centrifugal forces, experiment with potential and kinetic energy using full size catapult launchers and more! Science has never been so sporty!


Wacky chefs unite! This week-long program brings science into the kitchen as we use things we see every day to make amazing discoveries. We’ll make rainbow density columns that are safe to drink, create secret messages for our friends, and explore how polar bears stay warm in below freezing temperatures while eating ice cream we made in a bag! This week is sure to be a treat- don’t miss out!

Week #6, 7/29-8/2:  GREEN GIANTS

Get a bit of fresh air in this special program where scientists become environmental experts! We’ll take nature walks in Prospect Park to collect and identify leaves, hunt for animal tracks, analyze data on city critters, and finally know what’s hidden inside a seed’s hard coat! We’ll head back to the lab to take a look at how trash can be turned into treasure, learn how to build and care for our own mini ecosystems, and construct water filtration systems that clean up the murkiest muck we can manage to make. Let’s get out our magnifying glasses and take a closer look at the amazing world around us!

Week #7, 8/5-8/9: CRYSTALS, CAVES, & DINO-MIGHT!

Put on your hard hats because this journey is going to be a spelunking exploration into the wonderful world of archaeology and paleontology! Who knows what kinds of gems, geodes, and dinos we might find? We’ll don headlamps to participate in a mock cave dive, crack open rocks to discover crystals that have developed within, and even grow our own stalactites to wear around our necks the rest of the summer! Let's explore the center of the planet and get dirty The Tiny Scientist way!

Week #8, 8/12-8/16: SCIENCE SAFARI

Calling all animal lovers! Can you name the top 3 predators on the African Savanna? How about the biggest carnivores living in the rainforest? Do you know how many teeth a whale share uses and loses in its lifetime? In this summer session, scientists will learn the answers to these questions, and more! With the world map as our guide, we’ll take a trip around the world to explore the behavior and biology of some of Earth’s most unique animals. Join us for some spectacular safari science! Bon Voyage!

Week #9, 8/19-8/23: THE SCIENCE OF ART, The Sequel

BY POPULAR DEMAND! Head to The Tiny Scientist to learn some amazingly artistic scientific secrets! If you are a scientist with an artistic streak or an artist curious about the chemistry of your craft, then this summer session is for you! Have you ever used centrifugal force to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Used electrons to make amazing jewelry that lights up the night? What about heating up matter to create your own lip balm? Move over Picasso, step aside Pollock - this is art The Tiny Scientist way! This is an extension of our Science of Art program, a great class for newcomers or returning artists alike.

Week #10, 8/26-8/30: SUPERHERO SCIENCE SQUAD

We’re sending out a Super Scientist Bat-Signal! If you choose to take the call, you’ll learn the science behind the powers of some of your favorite superheros. You’ll control your own weather pattern like Storm, build indestructible accessories worthy of Wonder Woman, and create concoctions that mimic the elasticity of Mr. Fantastic! We’ll even learn the secrets of Magneto’s magnetism manipulation, and learn to use his abilities for good instead of evil. There’s no time to lose- join The Tiny Scientist Hero Force now!


This summer session seriously lives up to its name! We’re going to shoot off model rockets, make a bath fizz that rolls and bubbles, and ignite a monster foam reaction that hits the ceiling. Learn all about acids, cover your bases and discover the charisma of catalysts all in less than one week! ($140/day)

Refund Policy:

We always do our best to work with parents! Late cancellations are difficult because we do not have time to register scientists from our waitlists, but have already made arrangements for staff and materials. Participants are entitled to a credit for the value of the program, minus a 75$ cancellation fee, that can be used for future workshops, classes or parties (subject to availability, for up to 1 year from the date the credit is issued) if canceling four weeks before the program begins. Participants are entitled to a 50% credit for the value of the program, minus a 75$ cancellation fee, that can be used for future workshops, classes or parties (subject to availability, for up to 1 year from the date the credit is issued) if canceling two weeks before the program begins. After that, no credits will be given. There are no refunds of any kind. The Tiny Scientist reserves the right to cancel programs. If programs are cancelled by The Tiny Scientist, all money will be fully refunded.