1. When is drop-off in the morning? The school doors open at 8 am (please do not come earlier than 8:20 am - we will still be seeing to last minute details). Class officially starts at about 9:00 am. 

2. When is pick-up? Normal class ends at 2:40 pm. Extended day runs until 4 pm, you can sign up on our website for an extra fee of 10$/hr.

3. What if I need aftercare but didn't sign up? No problem! Please contact us immediately if you know you will need aftercare, but didn't sign up. We will accommodate last minute sign ups as long as we have space. Parents who are more than 10 minutes late to pick up their children will automatically be charged for  the hour of  aftercare.

4. Are nuts allowed? Yes, but NO Peanuts. We have a few kids coming during each our sessions that we want to take special care of. Peanut allergies are dangerous because people can get a reaction just by inhaling "peanut" air. We will be checking lunches, but please keep peanuts at home to help other scientists have a safe week. If we take away snacks that contain peanuts, we will store them and you can take them home for another time. Cashews, Almonds and other nuts - that have to be ingested to cause reactions- are allowed but monitored.

5.  What should my child bring each day?

  1. A packed lunch (that does not contain any peanuts).
  2. At least one to two snacks if the child will be staying for extended day (that do not contain any peanuts).
  3. A water bottle
  4. Rain gear, sunscreen, proper footwear and clothing appropriate to seasonal weather (we will go outside every day). Please apply sunscreen before you drop children off.
  5. A reusable tote to bring projects home.

 6. What will my child be doing all day? TONS OF AMAZING ACTIVITIES! We will post a daily schedule and go over it with the scientists, but please feel free to check it out during drop-off or pick-up. You can also request a general day schedule at any time by writing to From time to time, we will send home a list of questions so you can converse with your child about the kinds of work we are doing -  who knows, you may even learn a thing or two yourself!

8. What is extended day like? We take a break and go outside and then bring children back in for a snack. Scientists get a bit of "choice" time with our cool science-y toys and then engage in fun, pre-planned activities geared towards making the most of their day with us.

9. Who is allowed to pick up my child? Child safety is exceptionally important to us! If you need to change the pick-up options you provided online, we must be notified in writing in advance of pick-up or email to All individuals who pick-up within the first month of sessions will be asked for I.D. We do not release children to adults other than those listed on your online forms. We never release children to minors who are below the age of 18 or let them leave unattended by an adult.