June 8th: Bird Barf: What do birds eat for breakfast?

Did anyone say bird barf? … Why, yes we did! Come to The Tiny Scientist for this fascinating one-day program. We’ll learn about the feeding habits of a variety of animals and construct a cool model of a food chain.  Become an ornithologist (a fancy word for bird nerd) for a day as we learn about the fascinating digestive habits of the Great Horned Owl. We'll use tools like scientists, work on identifying bones, discuss our findings with other scientists and make an amazing one-of-a-kind bone sculpture to take home!

June 12th - Bit-Bots!

BEEP BOP BOOP! We will learn how electricity travels in a circuit, harness the power of electrons by turning junk into tiny robots and make a supercool LED name tag in this fun and educational holiday program. Come on a journey of microscopic proportions in the Bit-bots school holiday program!

REGISTER BY THE DAY, AGES 5+ June 8th or 12th, 9am - 3pm
$125 per day/per child. Sibling discount.
Extended day: 8-9am & 3-6pm, 10$/Hr (adv. registration recommended due to limited space)