1. How many adults can I have at my party? 

To make the party the best possible experience for the birthday scientist, we ask that adult guests be limited to roughly half of the number of kids at the party. We can recommend great places in the neighborhood for parents to get coffee, brunch or a drink while their child has a great time with us.

2. I need to add more scientists to my package, what should I do?

Let us know so we have time to get materials together to make your party awesome!  We can accommodate one additional scientist for $20 (up to 9 guests) for the Budding Scientist package. Have more than 9? No Problem! Budding scientist packages can be upgraded to Super Scientist Packages.

Need to invite the whole class? No Problem! The Super Scientist package includes 15 scientists and the Mad Scientist package includes 18. In our space we can show up to 25 guests a rockin' time! An additional $20/scientist fee applies. If you need to have a larger party and want to invite more scientists, call us and we will do our best to work with you.

3. What do I need to bring for my party at The Tiny Scientist?

  For Budding or Super Scientist parties, parents provide:

  • Cake or cupcakes, and candles

  • Balloons or Decorations

  • Drinks or Beverages for Adults & Kids

  • Food for Kids and/or Adults

  • Food Plates, Cake Plates, Napkins, Cups, Utensils for Kids & Adults

  • Large bag to carry home gifts

  • Cash for Pizza, if applicable

  For Mad Scientist Packages, Parents provide

  • Cake or cupcakes, and candles

  • Additional Drinks / food for adult guests.

  • We provide plain, solid colored plates and utensils. If you want a specific decoration, you should bring: Food Plates, Cake Plates, Napkins, Cups, Utensils for Adults. 

  • Large bag to carry home gifts

4. I don't have time to make party bags, do you offer add-ons?

Yes! Goodie bags with age-appropriate, science-themed party favors are available for $7.50/bag. Ask us about  science themed decorations, plates & cups and we can help you get them in time for your party.

5. Is it customary to tip the party scientists?

Tipping the party scientist is never expected but always appreciated.