Gross...but GREAT!  is FULL for fall 2017. Sorry!

Why is mold magical? Why are farts fascinating? Zombie brains, bones that bend and fizzy soda that makes you burp like a champ are just a few of the fantastic, funky experiments we'll make in this awesome 13 week class. We'll explore the benefits of boogers, make gummy bugs you can eat, culture belly-button bacteria and learn about the science of stink! Along the way we'll practice collecting and analyzing data, practice measurement and get cozy with Chem 101. Come laugh your head off in this gross, but great, class!

Meets Tuesdays (9/15-12/5) OR Fridays (9/15-12/8).                                                                                       3:30- 5pm.                                                                                                                                                 $500 semester fee divided into 4 equal payments, billed at checkout and at the start of ea. month.     Pick up from local schools available for $3/class.                                                                                    10% Sibling discount - check out our preK & K-2 classes!                                                                            Extended Day available until 6:30pm for $10/hr.